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DS9 Caption Contest 77; Fooling around

Apologies for the delay but I've been really busy with revision and exams. But that's over now so I can get back to these contests.

Now the winners from the last contest are;

Mistral wrote: View Post

Bashir: "But, I passed all of your tests!"

Sloane: "And yet you still can't rub your belly while patting your head. Sad. Kill him."
Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

JAKE: Laugh all you want, but I payed good money for that candy bar and I'm gonna get it!

NOG: A very Ferengi sentiment. Should I contact the Chief or the Doctor about freeing your hand?
Finn wrote: View Post

Sisko: (OS) What are those?

Dukat: *chuckles* Why, those are hairless tribbles.

Worf: (OS) *wets pants*
shivkala wrote: View Post

That awkward moment when the crew thought Eris said "Horta."
JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

KIRA: Does every Klingon ritual involve cutting yourself?
MARTOK: No. Some of them involve burning yourself.

I really couldn't decide who the clear winner was with this award, these two entries were that good!

On one hand we have...

LeadHead wrote: View Post

Dukat: Ah, join me at my table.
Sisko: No.
Kira: No.
Worf: No.
Odo: No.
O'Brien: No.
Dax: No.
Bashir: No.
Quark: No.
Jake: No.
Nog: No.
Rom: No.
Leeta: No.
Martok: No.
Weyoun: No.
Damar: No.
Dukat: Wow. Tough room.
And in the other...

R. Star wrote: View Post

Dukat: Yes, Commander. It also doubles as a sex toy. We Cardassians waste nothing.

While our photoshop winner is clearly...

TommyR01D wrote: View Post

"Why are you showing me a bar?"
"Because it's time you learned the true reason we wear leather, Doctor."
Nice job TommyR01D! Finally congratulations to the winners, there were some excellent entries here!

And now here are five more pictures to sate your captioning needs!

Have fun!
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