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Re: Rumors of a Special Surprise for the Anniversary

Rich Johnston signed onto the missing episodes forum and had this to say:

I'm not saying I got conned at all. I'm just passing on the beliefs of some I've been able to talk this weekend. I tried to represent the diversity of informed opinion on this.

And no, I am not a Doctor Who insider. I have one written Doctor Who comic to my name. I did run with Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor (twelfth now I suppose) early - but only after having run with Paterson Joseph for months.

Very occasionally people have told me things. But pretty much everyone on this board has the right to call themselves a Doctor Who insider more than me.

But I think I have the right to report on rumours when they are being discussed and debated at the highest levels - as long as that's how I present them, and don't try and pretend that they are facts. On every stage I've tried to show my working out, as it were.

And the 90 episodes was something I kept coming across, consistent among people I talked to about this. Yes, it sounded ridiculous. But that's what was being said. And that is what I'm reporting on.
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