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Re: VOY Caption Contest 109; A Small Ship

Janeway: -so I've fallen in love with this ship's first officer and I don't know whether to be aloof like a good captain should be, or ask him out for a date. What do I do Tuvok?
Tuvok: Logic would suggest revealing to Commander Chakotay how you feel, however under the circumstances that is not possible.
Janeway: Why?
Tuvok: He's behind you captain.

A long silence follows...

Seven: You improved astrometrics sensor range by precisely 3.141- Exactly pi percent, impressive captain.
Janeway: Consider it a birthday present Seven!

Seven: May I ask why you are babysitting?
Tom: B'Elanna kicked me out of our quarters, she said I wasn't mature enough to be a parent. So now I've got to spend the next month with Naomi and Flotter...

Seven: A Romulan could do a better job organising this junk.
Torres: You-
Seven: A joke to lighten the situation.

Harry: Ugh bad day today...
Tom: Cheer up Harry, Neelix is sick so...
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