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VOY Caption Contest 109; A Small Ship

Apologies for the delays, exams and revision got in the way but they're by the by! So onto our next contest!

JanewayRulz! wrote: View Post

Very few crewmembers on Voyager knew it, but Captain Janeway paid for her replacement photon torpedos with her part time job as a Delta Quadrant chiropracter
JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

PARIS: Do we really have to completely forgive him by the next episode?
CHAKOTAY: That's the rules.
Ryva Brall wrote: View Post

Torres: Damn. Looks like the Infinite Improbability Drive has gone offline again.
Tuvok: Impossible.
Torres: No, just very, very improbable.
Finn wrote: View Post

You know we would have had Paris and Torres as zombies if Voyager was on the air today
R. Star wrote: View Post

Janeway: It's my flesh eating piranha tank. Bring Harry down here, we'll test how well this works out.
And the special award...

Triskelion wrote: View Post

Torres: Now that I'm your Pon Farr booty call, we can reset your relationship status on Spacebook.

Is there any way to see that Vorik gets the message?

Torres: Yeah. I'll poke him. With a mek'leth.
Congratulations to the winners, and also nice to see some new faces to!

The next pictures up for captioning are...

Have fun!
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