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Re: Game of Thrones (book/show) newbie (please no spoilers!)

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Sansa was also sweet on Loras Tyrell, especially after he gave her the rose at the Hand's Tourney.

Boy, she sure can pick 'em!
I haven't gotten to this part yet (the tourney's just about to start) but it's not much of a spoiler, I guess.

Speaking of jerks Sansa had a crush on, I'm going to speculate a bit about the things most of you l know already. I was spoiled on Jaime/Cercei going on, but from the moment it was revealed in the book, I suspected that what they're trying to hide isn't just that, but that Joffrey is not Robert's son and that his uncle is his real dad. Now I've read the part where they talk about the late Jon Arryn taking an interest in a book about genealogy of noble families (and that story about how he supposedly was mentioning Robert's son on his deathbed), and I'm currently 100% sure my inkling is right, to the point that I'm going to be really surprised and disappointed if it doesn't turn out to be true. I'm just waiting to see how, when and who gets to find out.

What I'm not sure about is the other two kids. I'm wondering if the fact that little Tommen is chubby was mentioned as a clue that he's really Robert's son. In real life, I naturally wouldn't think any of it - many children are fat and grow up to be slim, and Robert was athletic when he was young and we don't know what he was like as a child, but he may also be one of those men who are prone to gaining weight and who are chubby as children, slim down in their early youth but then get fat pretty early. Mainly, I'm going to guess that Tommen is Robert's son, because 1) when something is mentioned in a book it's likely to be a clue and 2) it would make the story more complicated and interesting (not to mention dangerous for Tommen, if the spoiled brat learns he's not king's real son but his little brother is) - not in this book, probably, but down the line.

But don't tell me if I'm right or not.
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