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Re: Duotronic Computing

That's a cool interpretation of what it means

I always kind of thought the word had something to do with traditional computing as the producers and Roddenberry must've thought of it at the time (big room-size banks of rows and rows of tape drive systems) and then they just made it sound sort of "one step removed" from ELECtronic. I'm thinking that they maybe were also were smart enough, even for a hectic weekly television show, to know that they were going to do story ideas like "Ultimate Computer" down the road a bit and wanted it to sort of mean that people would always have "ultimate" control, or would always at least contribute to the decision making process, so computers would NEVER be able to do a Skynet sort of thing to mankind. So, "duo" sort of meant that both the "computer" and "man" were always involved in the process together!
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