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Re: If you're a devoted X-Box player,why is it better for you than PS3

Not an XBox fanboy (especially after hearing about the X1), but I particularly despise all things Sony, for many reasons I've explained before in other threads that have ticked many people off (mostly Sony apologists). Sony fell on some difficult times last year with the whole credit card hacking scandal and their study in ineptitude in dealing with said scandal. Wasn't surprised in the least. But this X1 thing with MS is much, much worse. One can partially forgive incompetence, as it is rarely intentional. You can't cure stupid and one has to sometimes overlook such things. MS, however, planned all these new "features" from the ground-up in the X1's development, fully complicit in the architecture that has resulted in today's consumer furor. Damage through comission is always worse than damage through omission. MS knew exactly what it was getting into when they were building Orwell's wet dream. I'm sure there were probably quite a few MS employees that were concerned about many of these things and a handful may have possibly given voice to their concern. MS ignored them, thinking as corporations often do, "the lemmings will buy anything we give them if we wrap it in a kewl shiny new case". Like Sony last year, they must now answer to their hubris, and I hope they take it up the ass for it.
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