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Re: Was the reveal of the Enterprise-A a big surprise?

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Nonsense. If a person makes a broad generalization, it's a broad generalization and is subject to debate if another person thinks otherwise. If a poster can't be bothered to express themselves clearly, then it's the poster's problem.
That's my point. What one person considers ugly another considers attractive.
So it's your point that ugly is automatically subjective, but I still have to make it clear that it's my opinion ? Don't you realise the contradiction ?
There's no contradiction. When someone makes it clear they're presenting an opinion, it's just how they feel about something. But when someone makes a broad generalization that "this is that" and another person doesn't believe in that generalization, then that person is free to argue it. Nothing contradictory about that.

That's because I'm not a mind reader.
No, that's irrelevant:
No, it is very relevant. If a person can't be bothered to express themselves clearly, then that person has a problem, not others.
trevanian wrote:
Oh no, no, no. Once you get past the dish, that is just all over the place. Looping struts, secondary hull that looks like cross between a mouse and a kickstand ... nix on this NX.
I don't think it's all over the place. While it isn't my favorite design, I give it points for trying to be different (and not a kit-bash) back in '86 or '87 when the design was first made. I don't have a problem with curved pylons, and while the secondary hull may be more tall than long, it is kind of keeping with the Excelsior-class to some extent (I think the designer was considering it as something that came after the Excelsior-class). I've seen worse designs than this one, though.
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