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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

My name is Steve and I live in the New Haven area of Connecticut.

I grew up watching TOS in the late 70's in reruns and was obviously a skeptic when TNG was announced and premiered in September 1987. Despite the skepticism, I watched it and wasn't that blown away by it yet, but I saw that it was well-written and acted.

As season one progressed, I found myself watching it more and more, and being more and more impressed by it as shows such as "Heart Of Glory" "The Big Goodbye" and "11001001" had me shocked into thinking, "this is not half bad". By the end of the season and "Conspiracy" I was hooked, and happily eating crow. It eventually got me into Trek fandom.

Since then, TNG only got better thoughout it's run, and DS9 slightly bettered it IMHO . I like VOY and ENT as well, but ENT was curtailed perhaps by it's pre-mature cancellation, and VOY lived up to most, but not all of it's potential.

And today? I am currently collecting all of the series on DVD, which I aim to complete before the year is out.

As for my favorite characters, that's hard to choose. If you pinned me down to it, it would be Data, because I see in him someone who tries to fit in (his quest to be more human). I also love the Picard/Crusher relationship and am a major Bev-head as well. (Naraht, You like to post that pic and yes, I like to look at it. )
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