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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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Well, as Sony has demonstrated in the past, even the big guys fall. It happened to Sony when they had been big the previous generation, and it can happen to MS. There's no such thing in an industry as too big to fail. It all comes down to how they market them, the PR, and word of mouth. Even Nintendo got a little too confident with their Wii U after the success of the Wii. They didn't market it properly and look at what happened. The winds can change swiftly.
Sony didn't fall.. they just got a competitor with very deep pockets and the will to make it in the videogaming indústry because it is a huge business. MS too deep hits to their pockets in the first and second generation of Xbox (first was to establish itself in the market and the 360 because of the insane volume of RROD problems).

Sony also gambled and fumbled the ball a bit during the PS3 generation.. very high initial price and the uncertainty where the HD race would end up (luckily it went Blu Ray or the PS3 might have tanked hard). However Sony was protected to a degree by market recognition.. Playstation is a brand name even so far that some people who have absolutely no idea abiut videogaming refer to any console as a Playstation. This built in audience helped Sony keep up with Microsoft who admittedly rolled out some pretty good games for their Xbox franchise and quickly caught uo with Sony who had 2 generations of console experience before MS started.
Call it what you want, but we're seeing exactly the same thing happening with MS as what had happened with Sony with the PS3. Over-confidence after the success of a previously dominant console. Last time was with the battle to HD, this time it's over DRM. And currently it's not looking terribly good for MS and the XBone.
Don't disagree.. MS's hubris is showing quite well these days and their ungodly ability to alienate everybody except their hardcore fanboy group is astounding.

This is a repeat on how Sony acted during the start of the last generation when they thought they could get away with a 600$ pricetag.
It took them years to get on even grounds with MS and the same will happen with MS.

Maybe Sony did learn something from the last generation mistakes and maybe they are just paying close attention to general customer opinion and are doing exactly the opposite of MS to be hailed as the "saviours" of console gaming.. didn't expect that to be honest because companies often enough act similarly if there's a profit to be made but apparently Sony believes they'll gain more by developing their "Anti-MS" public image than following MS in their footsteps.
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