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Re: Does Data have a soul?

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One thing the storyline with Data forgot is that whenever you hit his off switch, he's completely off. Switch him back on, he's conscious again, like a computer.

Same thing with the Doctor on VOY and he had much more emotional expression than Data.
Ah, but is that death?

Then again, issues of death become odd since we had humans dead for 200 years revived.
That's true, but at what point after Data is shut down does his essence or "neural energy" leaves his positronic net and go to some afterlife that everybody else goes to?

Does he even have "neural energy" because his brain is mechanical??

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... it's worth noting that even Picard, the poster boy for Roddenberry's latter-day vision of Trek, seemed to believe in a higher power, though one that didn't necessarily conform to a specific religion. He discussed this in "Where Silence Has Lease":
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And many other examples. Trek seems to pick and choose depending on the story they want to tell.
Does anyone ever get the feeling that Trek wants its cake and to eat it too? It's like Trek is basically atheist and materialist, but wants there to be a higher power, but can't admit it.

Like why is it shown being so easy for alien cultures to believe in the supernatural, but so hard for the average human to even admit believing in a higher power?
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