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Re: Vengeance Weapons (Spoilers, maybe)

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Interestingly, the script for ST09 also identifies the Jellyfish's weapons as "torpedoes."
That was an early script which also featured Spock opening a second black hole and deliberately going back in time to try and save Romulus. Memory Alpha has taken details from it oddly to heart when IMO if the main story is so different from what we saw in the finished film, then all the little details are equally as questionable.
Quite a few things did change, but the original script gives you some clues to what was INTENDED to be, and answers some questions that might have stood otherwise.

In particular, the "time travel on purpose" concept explains two questions a lot of people have asked. In particular, why did the Jellyfish have so much red matter on board when Spock only needed a small amount of it to destroy the star? (Answer: it was a suicide mission: Jellyfish was supposed to physically fly into the supernova and detonate itself). Why does Kirk mention to Spock "Coming back in time... that's cheating, Spock" when he already knew Spock's time travel was an accident.

It rather appears that the differences between the script and the filmed version are mostly last-minute and/or post production changes either for brevity and simplicity. They essentially omitted alot and added very little, but not much was actually CHANGED.
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