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Re: Rumors of a Special Surprise for the Anniversary

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I'd heard, late last year from a pretty reliable source, that there is a genuine, promising, lead, but there are problems in recovering the episodes - if they do exist - which have now been dragging on for months.
What kind of problems?
At a guess, not knowing the specifics of this situation, it's probably two things.

First, compensation.

Second, legal immunity.

The first one's kind of obvious -- the person, theoretically, has something the BBC wants. The BBC would claim, "That's our property you have." The person who has the cannisters, however, may not view it that way. He may want either money to exchange hands or for the BBC to return the film to him once they've made duplicates. The BBC may not be willing to do either.

The second one isn't obvious, but I've heard it cited before in other returns. The films that were sent overseas were BBC property. If someone held on to them rather than returning them or destroying them, they're stolen goods and the person who has them could be prosecuted. The owner might be willing to give them back to the BBC (either gratis or with a price attached) in exchange for no criminal charges.

In short, the legal issues on this would be a murky Gordian knot.
Thank you for clarifying that. Compensation is rather obvious, come to think of it, but I must admit I find legal immunity rather puzzling. I agree what you say makes sense, but I find it a little difficult that it would be an actual concern, especially considering BBC destroyed all of those episodes years ago and have come to regret it. On the flip side, it does make sense on a corporate level and I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised.

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First, compensation.

Second, legal immunity.
Thirdly condition, just because a film can contains an episode doesn't mean it will be recoverable.
Another fair point. I've been so caught up on this rumor-mongering that I didn't even consider the obvious probability that many of these returned episodes are in poor condition.

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When I heard the story a year ago it was 44 episodes. 90 was unreal. But for the 90 not to include 4 that had been animated anyway, seems a coincidence to far. A few of the sites are backtracking now, but I do think there's some minor truth it all somewhere.
I also found the coincidence to be rather striking that several of the "still missing" serials were those that have been animated already, although I admit I thought of it in the opposite direction, i.e. proof of validity. Your premise is far more likely, unfortunately.
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