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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

I was working on a foundry mission before LoR.

If you've done any DOffing, you have probably done an "Establish a Listening Post" assignment in one of the Exploration zones. I started a mission called "The Rolar Nebula Incident," where the True Way has discovered the listening post, and has captured your officers. They are demanding all Federation personnel leave the sector, or the hostages will be executed.

Starfleet's official policy is no negotiating with terrorists, and that all Federation officers know they are expendable as hostages. Unofficially, your presence is requested on DS9, where you meet with an admiral who gives you the chance to retrieve your officers. He points you to an informant in Quark's Bar who passes you information about where to start the search.

You have to go to a True Way listening post in the mining asteroid field, where you fight your way to the computer center, and learn the hostages have been split up. You then follow the trail to three other systems to get your officers back.

I thought making it your listening post that is siezed, and your officers taken might help with a personal attachment to the story.

When I get it completed I will ask people to take a look and help me refine it.
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