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Re: What companies do you think

I'd guess the companies that have a wide variety of different products would be the ones most likely to survive, like Honda, not the ones that focus on a single product or service industry.

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You will not be able to print a Lego brick without having to pay for it.

Besides that, just printing something isn't enough.
But you will be able to design your own bricks that is either compatible with Lego or is a standalone brick building system.
People are also able to produce their own films today. That doesn't have an effect on the incomes of professional films (the digital distribution channels and piracy do). And you're not going to do your own film if you want to see one, you buy the final product because it takes less effort to make.
That's the way I see it. The majority of people is not going to produce its own Lego kits because it's a lot more complicated. And pirating existing LEGO kits will be quite complicated as well.

When stuff comes out of a 3D printer, it's still pretty raw and needs further processing. And that won't change. It's comparable to printing your own photographs or burning your own CDs and printing your own CD booklets. You have a hard time matching the quality of professionally produced items.
Not only that, but the final costs will likely still be too great for an individual. The larger companies can make things cheaper for the consumer by making their products in bulk. An individual won't be able to do that cheaply. But, I would bet on creating personalized or unique LEGO-compatible bricks!
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