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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

I haven't read the entire thread.

I went to see it yesterday for Father's Day with my two girls and my wife.

I would not say that Supes is my most favorite comic book of all time. It is tough to decide. Bats is there, x-men, spidey. I have had this same avatar for several years, even though it is from a batman comic.

I give this movie an A. I would give it an A+ but for a couple of minor quibbles, that are probably on the cutting room floor.

To Earth, and humans, Superman is a God. He has to show incredible restraint with his power and emotions. I believe that this was the lesson that Pa Kent was trying to teach Clark, as much as that he should hide himself. I would have liked to have seen a line of dialog in the discussion about the bus that "everybody dies" and saving the entire world, while technically possible, for Clark, is not what the world needs, and may not be Clark's responsibility or purpose.

I would have liked the exposition of Zod's motivation to have come earlier in the film.

I liked the death of Zod. Let us not forget that Superman killed a powerless Zod in the Donner version, so in this version, killing a full power genetically motivated Zod is a problem?

I liked the grief afterwards. I felt the despair was as much for the death of Zod as for the cost of the battle.

I connected with every emotional beat in the film.

I liked the alien-ness of the Kryptonians.

I liked the fight sequences. I liked the weight of the bodies. The Matrix version of the superman fight scene was not physically heavy enough. These combatants looked solid. Superman looked 235 - 250 lbs when he was thrown. The Kryptonians looked 500 in their armor.

I liked the Supe's heat vision and x-ray vision and super hearing.

I liked that this was a "realistic" superman movie. Superman is an alien. The Kryptonians are aliens. What would that look like? How would earth respond? To me, pretty much like this film.

I thought this was the best Superman movie I have seen. I do not know what movie the Rotten Tomatoes critics saw.
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