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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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Even the night stages are okay.

Damn, I've played the PS2 and PS3 versions and the night stages are universally derided by the fans and casual players. Must be something very different about the Wii version for them to come across as fun.
Yeah, there's some massive differences between the Wii version compared to the HD Consoles. The 360/PS3 versions are supposed to be more complete versions of the game, but also more tedious. The Wii is easier and lacking features, but has a much faster pace. A different final boss too.

1UP wrote:
Werehog levels:

The 360 version usually has a 15-25 minute level per continent. But just 1. You have many more combos at your disposal. It's easier to grab enemies. The grabbing punching combos add to some funny animations. The swinging mechanic feels more natural. The biggest flaw in both versions is the camera. The worst sin is it may turn on you while you are tightrope (skinny ledge) walking.

The Wii versions of the Werehog are usually easier. You can just run into barrels/crates to smash them and there is little to no tightrope walking. That's were the positives end.
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