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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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Jeez. Is this thread still going? VOYAGER was awesome! Sure, it had flaws. Sure, the bad episodes were the worst in Trek history. Sure, the most inventive characters: EMH and 7, were overused. Every Trek series had flaws. VOY remains one of my favorites. Plus, Janeway was awesome.
Yes it is true all TV shows/Films have flaws. But if as you say VOY had some of the worst Trek episodes in the history of Trek, couldn't that mean it's bad vs good/great is reduced.

Now I could say I say

Bad vs Good/Great for ST shows

TOS 40 vs 60
TNG 40 vs 60
DSN 20 vs 80
VOY 70 vs 20
ENT 50 vs 50

So based on that VOY had the poorest ratios of number of good or better epsidoes vs number of bad episodes. But others might have a different view, as we all look for different things in the shows we watch.

Some people who critise VOY do so because they feel it could have been so much more.
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