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Re: Rumors of a Special Surprise for the Anniversary

Ian Levine has continued to tweet, and claims (a) he first heard these rumors two years ago but was asked not to discuss them "because it could jeopardise the recovery"; (b) the alleged discoverer is the same person who returned two episodes of The Sky at Night over the past couple years; (c) the number of allegedly-discovered missing Who episodes is not 60 but 90, completing 21 stories, among 8000 BBC film cans; (d) the 16 still-missing episodes were "Mission to the Unknown," 9 from "The Daleks' Master Plan," and two each from "The Invasion," "The Ice Warriors," and "The Wheel in Space"; and (e) he longer believes anything has been found, in part because there were knowledgeable people at a recent BFI event who told him so. Oh, and Dan Hall, responsible for the recent missing episode DVD animations, was kept out of the loop on these alleged discoveries, which I guess is meant to explain why "The Reign of Terror" and "The Tenth Planet" were animated despite having been, according to these rumors, found.

...Gosh, this is a fun little drama to follow.
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