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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

I give it a good solid A... Only detractor for me was that it was TOO LOUD for my sensitive ears... I realize that's "my" problem, but still..

Loved the take on the story and even the twist of Lois knowing early on, who he is... That way we can dispense with the back and forth and "romantic tension" between the two of them... Amy Adams was fantastic as the strong willed, kick you in the balls reporter.. But why, exactly was she on the transport plane at the end?? I realize that part was plot convenience theater, but really? I guess the justification being able to "get the story" was enough...

This was a big, ambitious movie with a lot of story to tell and I thought the development of Zod's character was fantastic.. Not just the "He's a bad guy" criminal we saw in Terrance Stamp's Zod..

After the show, however, I couldn't help thinking to myself... In our litigeous society, Supes is going to be facing piles of legal trouble with all the death and damage he caused... Doesn't matter if he was saving the world in the process, you know there would be lawsuits...
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