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I'm a believer in Teheran now. He is finally showing us why he was a top prospect. He had a fantastic May and he showed that he can battle when he gets into jams. At 22 years old I think he is going to end up being the ace of this Braves staff very soon.
Teheran's young and he's still got time to continue refining his stuff, but his HR/9 is a little bothersome. Right now, a similar analogue would be Juan Cruz, and the Cubs wrecked him by expecting him to be their ace when he was 23. I wouldn't slap the "future ace" label on him just yet, especially when he got hammered at AAA last year, so he's really only got one good month against major league batters to make his case. In any event, he's got a good to very good fastball, but that's the pitch that hitters tee off on for dingers, and while his slider is great when it's on, if he hangs it, he hangs it, and that thing gets blown to the moon.
Yep. The HR/9 isn't all that great but most of that was attributed to his April starts. AAA numbers from last year are useless at this point as he is not even using the same pitches. He was retrained to live off the two-seamer and it has made a world of difference. When you see him dial it up to 94 or 95 you know he is using the four seamer again and that ball has a tendency to get hit if its flat. He needs to live around 91 or 92 with the two seamer and mix in that nasty hook. He's got putaway stuff for sure. That and just getting him big league innings has been a big help. He can still give up a bomb with the best of them but power pitchers will always be prone to that.

I'm not saying he has to be the ace now. The Braves know that and have labeled him their five starter. I'm saying Ace when Hudson and Maholm move on in about three years or so. Hudson will probably be gone sooner. He is declining rapidly.

I'm just wondering what happens when Beachy gets back which should be pretty soon.
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