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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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It was Voyager's "Dark Frontier" in which Tom Paris said that the "new world economy" took over in the late 22nd century, eliminating money. TOS referenced money in "Errand of Mercy" and "Trouble With Tribbles", then Kirk said they don't use money in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, and then Scotty mentioned buying a boat in STVI: The Undiscovered Country. Most recently, Kirk offered to pay for Uhura's drink in Star Trek.

It's a little muddled, to say the least.
DS9 makes it clear that money is alive and well in both the Federation and the galaxy, and that the no money thing is confined to humanity, as a whole. DS9: In the Cards even ridicules the idea of a money-less society, comparing it, in so many words, to a whacked-out hippie commune.

DS9: In the Cards wrote:
JAKE: Come on, Nog.
NOG: No.
JAKE: Why not?
NOG: It's my money, Jake. If you want to bid at the auction, use your own money.
JAKE: I'm human, I don't have any money.
NOG: It's not my fault that your species decided to abandon currency-based economics in favour of some philosophy of self-enhancement.
JAKE: Hey, watch it. There's nothing wrong with our philosophy. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity.
NOG: What does that mean exactly?
JAKE: It means. It means we don't need money.
NOG: Well if you don't need money, then you certainly don't need mine.
JAKE: How much latinum do you have? How much?
NOG: Five bars.
JAKE: Five bars!
NOG: Look, it's taken me a lifetime to save up that much money, and I'm not going to just throw it away for some baseball card.
JAKE: Not even for my father, the man who made it possible for you to enter Starfleet Academy.
NOG: Oh no, that's not fair.
JAKE: The man who believed in you when no one else would.
NOG: Oh, this is so low.
JAKE: I can't believe you would rather keep your filthy money locked away in a box under a bed than use it to give him endless moments of happiness.
NOG: Argh! All right, all right. I'll do it.
JAKE: That's very generous, Nog. I'm proud of you. Now let's get that money.
NOG: Humans.
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