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Re: Vintage FX: Star Trek vs Lost in Space

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if you want to see some REAL bad ones of those, 2010's are just jaw-dropping
Roger that! Still, the FX artists for 2010 were aiming for the "deep black shadows" of real space footage. And controlling the spill light from a bluescreen can be tricky. FIREFOX and SPACEBALLS got around the problem by coating the models in a clear, UV fluorescing paint, then making two passes with motion-controlled models. (One "beauty pass" of the model, the other a matte pass with the UV paint.) The crew of 2010 might have tried the same approach, only Discovery flexed a lot and was not amenable to repeated, motion-controlled passes.

2001 used all in-camera composites, to the best of my knowledge. And that film holds up beautifully on Blu-ray. All the "motion control" rigs were mechanical, too. Now that's impressive.
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