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Re: Generations was...

Just happened to be watching Generations myself yesterday. The subplot with Data's emotion chip is pretty cringeworthy. I don't mind killing Kirk, but he probably deserved a more impressive send off than an old-dudes fistfight.

That said I can agree that it has heart. I was pondering what I should take away from it, and I guess the message is accepting the passing of time rather than wishing to escape it somehow? A legend of Trek dies but that's a part of life, legends come to an end. And Picard, despite feeling his age and the loss of his family, manages to resist the lure of the nexus and value his real life.

But the execution ended up messy and the time-travel aspect of the Nexus leads to plot holes.

re: ent D and E, the former always looked a bit weirdly proportioned to me. E over-does the sleek and aggressive profile somewhat, but I think it's meant to represent a leaner and meaner enterprise for more dangerous times.
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