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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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Once I knew the interactions were there it helped me appreciate them the 2nd time around---I didn't cross my eyes when I saw Spock run to Uhura and stand there like a stiff because I knew now they really are holding hands under the camera range or better seen, as you say, from a different angle.
You might be interested in this YT interview - it's Zach and Chris but at the end the interviewer asks Zach about staying in character for Spock when doing romantic scenes.
Thank you Clancy_s I must admit that I do still think the direction was off on this movie as regards Zach's Spock to Uhura....I simply feel the 1st movie made moves so far ahead (with the Spock and Uhura relationship) and in this movie "something" was tamped down and even with all these pretty gifs of Spock and Uhura touching hands or standing near one another (which I am very appreciative of) Spock still remains a bit off to me.

I will just have to deal with my feelings on this and hope for the better in the 3rd installment. I have a more better and broader understanding that there is more there that I couldn't see in the movie and that I now know exist in the comics and the novel so I am positive over all...more so than I was when I first posted after seeing the movie only once.
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