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Re: Why a reboot was necessary (IMHO)

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Bullshit. You do not rewrite/reboot Mozart-Bach-Beatles-Elvis, just to please new fans. If you rewrite/reboot Elvis you call it Elvis vs JXL, not Elvis.

You became a trekkie because you saw a bright future, others went for SW because they liked the fighting going on in a fairy tale. You not became a trekkie because the show was cool. You want a cool ST? then do not call it ST, or at least have the decency to call it JJ ft. ST.
I take that bet and raise you 3 bars of latnium. Star Trek is being reimagined/rewritten ALL THE TIME. Every series brought something new to the table in hopes of creating something lasting and while it stumbled over itself, let's not pretend the JJ Abrams universe is anything REALLY new. It's just an extension of what's gone before taken to the next logical step.

I will agree, however, it's kind of amusing to see countless non-Trekkies heading to the Star Trek movie for Good vs. Evil plus non-stop action while Star Wars' last three films were about trade disputes and separatism.
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