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Re: Predict who will be cast as the 12th Doctor

Commando 2 should have always been about Arnold getting kidnapped and his daughter still played by Alyssa Millano, who is now a Commando, has to go rescue her feeble old pappy.

King Conan should be still be about Conan though.

Killing endless numbers of hot oiled up shirtless guys with his mighty broadsword.

I don't know if I am describing a very gay movie because you see all these hot oiled up shirtless guys, which generates these dirty unprovoked unfamiliar sexual thoughts inside yourself until Arnold cuts his head off. After this has happened 40 times, you begin to subconsciously associate undiagnosed homosexual urges with decapitation. In all fairness, you can't morally justify a boner over another boy again in your life because PEOPLE DIE!

I'm just wondering if this is intentional or an accident?
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