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Re: Why a reboot was necessary (IMHO)

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I'd just like everyone who loves nuTrek to stop telling me how fresh everything is. This reboot features the same goddamn tropes and plot points everyone complained were dragging down storytelling in the Prime universe ten years ago. At the end of the day, STID was basically a pastiche of TWoK and TUC, and they even managed to throw in TSFS at the last minute. There's nothing wrong with making a pastiche, and it's nice that Star Trek is in the spotlight again, but don't tell me the Prime universe was devoid of new stories or that what Abrams has done represents necessary change.
I'm going to treat this post seriously and I hope you'll do the same. The whole point of my essay isn't that Star Trek 2.0 is fresh and new. The point of my essay is that Star Trek 2.0 is written for newcomers to the franchise as much as the old fogies of Trek. It's written for the explicit purpose of attracting a new generation as well as appeasing old fans. A new Trek series could have been fine but if you would object to being told what a Ferengi, Klingon, or transporter is like my wife needed to be told--then you are not going to be the kind of audience the franchise needed to be appealed to.

Star Trek: The Wrath of Nero and Star Trek: Into Darkness aren't great movies. They're mindless popcorn spectacle which are impressive less because of their plots (which have massive holes in them) than because they're very effective MPS. Compared to the Star Wars Prequels, they're about a thousand times better at being pretty but brainless fun. There's a message in ST:ID about drones, terrorism, and fear which is a bit on the late side but at least it's Star Trekky.

The thing is that franchises need to be living things and a franchise with no outgoing product is going to die. Star Trek created the serial science fiction drama as we know it but it's been ripped off wholesale to the point we have several critical series which never would have existed without it. Whole sections of film and television as well as RL tech have been influenced by it and its activities. None of that is going to prevent it from rotting on the vine if material which doesn't create fans isn't produced.

ST:TOS, ST:TAS, ST:TNG, STSP, ST:VOY, ST:ENT, and ten movies is a pretty vast canon for new fans to have to devour in order to understand the series. Creating a new jumping-on point is vitally important. There's enough in the Prime Universe already to go well beyond most series. Ending it isn't a bad thing other than in terms of fanboy continuity love.
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