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Re: More than a normal person...

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Jon1701, are there any particular scenes that you enjoy enough to watch this movie so many times?

I've seen TWOK a lot too, but nowhere near that much. I'd have to say my choices for Most Watched TV Shows would be The Crow: Stairway to Heaven and I, Claudius.
I used to watch the end a lot

"Kirk to spock, its 2 hours are you ready?"

- right the way through to the end.

I'm sure someone has watched it more times than me. I did think it was a 1000, but 500 is the more conservative figure. I've probably only seen it 50 times in the last ten years.

I saw it on the TV in the 80's, taped it in the late 80's. Bought it on VHS in the 90's, on DVD in the 00's (both versions!) and then blu ray a couple of years ago.

To be honest, this is one of the reasons why I hated the death scene in STID. The original is seared into my brain.

Come on, somebody must be able to beat me. I was a geek as a kid, but not that weird.

I went out with girls. I had friends.


Just me?
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