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Re: Why a reboot was necessary (IMHO)

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Your comparisons are meaningless since you compared unlike things--a movie is neither a drink nor a song.
If you bothered to read what I wrote, you'd have noted I was responding to an observation that claimed
If something is good, it's gonna seem good the very first time around.
which is something I dispute (and will continue to dispute, given the numerous times this has proven false in my life. "something" is not terribly specific, so I provided examples from a number of categories--including music as that was one of the alleged proofs for the assertion.

As analogies seem insufficient to make my point, I will include movies:

Blue Velvet
The Shining
Smokey and the Bandit
Thin Red Line

Each of the above is a film that I did not like (in some cases, viscerally so) upon first viewing. Each is now in my collection and gets reasonably regular repeat viewings (and I don't do that to torture myself). I await a persuasive and articulate explanation for why my examples remaining meaningless.
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