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So, my dad is originally from Lebanon. He came to the states in the sixties and went to college here, where he met my mom. The rest is history.

Since then, however, due to many issues - politics, war, finances, and what not, my dad's only been able to go back to his hometown a handful of times since then.

This year for Father's Day, my mom had the brilliant idea to bring a little bit of his hometown here. So, yesterday my brother and my brother-in-law did a ton of digging in the backyard at my parents' house and planted a cedar tree there for my dad. For those that don't know, the cedar is the national tree of Lebanon and is proudly emblazoned on that country's flag. It's probably also worth mentioning that the "Cedars of Lebanon" are mentioned a bunch of times in the bible too. The point is - we're proud of our flippin' trees.

Anywho. Dad loved it. My brother-in-law then sent me a photo after Dad came home and found his surprise waiting for him:

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