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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

Kevman7987 wrote: View Post
Could the next American that pre-orders from the US website please post here or PM me when they get their confirmation email?

I want to pre-order, but I'm not trusting of doing that while their "American subscriber database" is down (if it still is). I don't trust my info getting through while they're having problems with the website.

mythme wrote: View Post
I also see a Karemma ship, which wasn't on the original list.
There is already so much difference between the 70+ ships on their "provisional list" and the 23 revealed so far on their "US list" that it wouldn't surprise me there ends up being more difference between what they originally announced and what they do release.

Hopefully, if I had my way, they'd end up doing way more than the 70+ and the series would just continue on ad infinitum.
Given proper revenue and production ability it would probably be a cash cow, especially with some tv coverage.
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