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Re: Was the U.S.S. Horatio an Ambassador Variant?

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While I think there is a slight possibility of adding Ambassadors or Constellation or even New Orleans into the mix (very slight), I don't expect them to come up with new designs for Apollo, Hokule'a, Rigel and the like.
No, I don't expect them to either. But if Mr. Okuda is reading this, hopefully it might light a spark...

That said there are some beautiful fan renditions of these mysterious ships on the internet.
I wouldn't call most of those designs "beautiful" by a long shot. Most of them are just kitbashes, some aren't all that different from the canon ships they were kitbashed from, and the Drake especially is just a photo of the Enterprise-D that's been badly photoshopped, never mind that it should look much older than that based on it's registry number.

That said we massively off the original topic of the Horatio! LOL :P
Yeah, sorry about that. When I talk about Trek ships that tends to happen

I like both designs really though accept the latter as the "canon ship", it would have been nice to have seen this other Ambassador class utilized as something else in the Star Trek Universe as it deserved to stand on its own.
I like Probert's original version too (but I'm biased because I like all Probert's work), and I've always speculated it would make a good Renaissance class starship. But as for the Ent-C design, I also prefer Sternbach's version. The Ambassador class as envisioned on the screen is probably my favorite Trek ship design, matched only by the Ent-D, and it's a damn shame it saw hardly any screen time on the various Trek series.
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