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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

I felt there were a number of plot ideas that could have been better developed. Also, not only did the Starfleet and the Maquii crews became buddy-buddy too fast. They also befriended some of the new aliens too fast. Most notably, the species 8472. These guys started out at being quite terrifying to meet up with. And that idea lasted just a few episodes. Then they befriend the species when the Voyager crew finds a replica of Starfleet headquarters set up by this alien. That was a huge disappointment as it immediately killed off new plot ideas for this species to make life difficult for Voyager. But the real thing that did me in was Voyager's series finale. For 7 years, I was nursing a strong feeling of suspense in wondering if Voyager would reach home. Kind of like the "who shot JR" plot of Dallas (Dallas did a great job of keeping its audience in suspense and they had the whole world watching.) But not with Voyager. In the finale, not even 5 minutes into the show, it is revealed that Janeway and most of the crew was already home, safe and sound. No more fun suspense.They completely killed it. That was it.
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