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Re: Would Spock Prime think Kirk and a young Kirk Prime look identical

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Unless the captain isn't the main character. You could have a show where the lead characters belong to the team that goes on missions and their commanding officer is a supporting character, as with Stargate SG-1.
Not to hijack this, but why hasn't an idea like that been explored for Star Trek? It's not the traditional Trek format, but it might make for an interesting series. I am, of course, speaking only about TV series and not books or e-novels, as I know that some of these focus on characters who aren't captains or have a commanding role.

Not quite the same thing, but wasn't the original concept of TNG for Picard to be the older, wiser captain who does the diplomacy thing and stays on the ship, while Riker was the action hero who goes on landing parties and gets in to scrapes?
That's right. Riker was meant to be the Kirk surrogate, with Picard as his elder-statesman mentor. But Patrick Stewart stole the show, and eventually pushed the producers to give him more action and romance, so the early rule about the captain not leading the away teams fell by the wayside.

That rule also fell away because its formulator, David Gerrold, left the show very early. In his 1973 book The World of Star Trek, he'd complained about the conceit of the captain leading the missions, and proposed the alternative of a regular set of characters forming a "contact team" who would handle the landing parties, alien encounters, and the like. Having it be Riker's job to lead the away missions was sort of a compromise between that idea and the TV-show need to have the lead characters drive the action.

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Captain Cook wasn't a member of Starfleet.
Ahh, but Roddenberry did model Starfleet pretty strongly on the Royal Navy in the age of exploration (and in the Horatio Hornblower novels that inspired him). It was analogous in a lot of ways -- the navy would often be responsible for exploring new lands, and they'd be very far from home, out of direct communication, so that the ship commanders would be responsible for handling contact, diplomacy, and political or military decisions.
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