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Re: Have You Ever Changed Your Mind...


I used to think that people who for religious reasons opposed equal marriage were hateful, bigoted assholes because of it.

As I've gotten older and learned to be more even-keeled with some of my more extreme and liberal ideas, I've realized that isn't always the case. Sure there are hateful, bigoted assholes out there who use their religion as a shield to proudly oppose the progress toward the freedom to marry for all, but not everyone does that.

If anything, it's helped me to recognize that everyone has a right to their own religious beliefs and if yours says that equal marriage is wrong, that's great - for you. Where I now draw the line is if someone thinks that because their religion dictates banning equal marriage, it therefore gives them the right to dictate that same belief to others and impose it upon them, which I whole-heartedly and absolutely cannot support or see as anything other than outright assholery.

A subtle difference, yes. But I'm still learning.
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