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Re: The Complete Guide to Starfleet Style: The TOS Movies Rad Suit

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Wow, you two are both being ridiculous.
Well, if I'm being ridiculous, I apologize. It was my intent to be neither ridiculous nor pedantic, but rather to offer constructive feedback.

Something being advertised as a "complete guide" that answers "everything you ever wanted to know" is surely not immune to criticism. If a thread like this isn't for offering feedback, then what's it for?

If my comments were on the level of mere nitpicks, it was because I could find nothing more major to comment about. (Edited to Add: By this, I mean, my criticisms were limited to the ones I voiced.) However, in response to my efforts, the OP invited me to ignore him, and went on to accuse me of being snarky, insulting, and, by implication, childish, when I don't believe any such characterizations were warranted.
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