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Re: TOS: The Weight of Worlds by Greg Cox Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I try not to put more detail into the episode references than is needed for the story, and make them subtle enough that they aren't blatantly episode references at all. For instance, I might say "The ritual dance reminded Kirk of a belly dancer he'd once seen in a club on Argelius II," but I wouldn't add "who had then been murdered by the disembodied spirit of Jack the Ripper, which had possessed Scotty and gotten him blamed for the crime before taking over the Enterprise and trying to frighten the crew to death," since those parts probably wouldn't have anything to do with the story I was telling. The key is to make it feel organic, like part of the background texture of the characters and their world, or like necessary exposition, rather than like "Hey, you remember that episode where this happened?"
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