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Re: Would Spock Prime think Kirk and a young Kirk Prime look identical

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^In production order, Chekov started out as a junior science officer and only later became the navigator. Not to mention, why would they bring a navigator on so many landing parties? A science officer would be more useful.

Still, Chekov Prime never struck me as more than a competent science officer -- hardly a Wesley Crusheresque child prodigy.
I don't think even nuChekov is quite up there with The Chosen One Wesley, but Chekov Prime could still have been considered a bright kid in his own right, although his impulsive youthful demeanor may be what comes across the most, perhaps.
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Or it might be that a point was just never made of it in TOS (no one calling him a whiz-kid). Otherwise, Chekov did seem able to fill in for Spock at the sciences station when he wasn't on the bridge (even though he was in Command, he also might have had a background in Sciences).
Without knowing precisely how the Academy teaches its students, it would seem that every cadet is exposed to a certain number of core disciplines as part of becoming a Starfleet officer, in much the same way that medical students must rotate through most or all medical specialties before finally choosing one for themselves. It's certainly plausible that a cadet could have a primary area of expertise (navigation) and a secondary area with which he's familiar (exobiology). That Spock was willing to let Chekov work under him speaks volumes about how highly regarded Chekov must have been by his peers.
That's pretty much what I was thinking.
Why would Reliant allow both her captain and first-officer to beam to the surface of Ceti Alpha V?
Depending on what you think his uniform was in Star Trek II, Chekov may have been the exec and chief sciences officer on the Reliant.
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