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Blu-ray is impressive, but... does one NEED that level of detail? Frankly, I find some productions too saturated with detail and that ends up causing ocular overload--the eyes have to work harder to digest what is presented and creates fatigue. It's like 240Hz displays... so super saturated and too sharp. I find 120Hz about the cut-off on visual clarity, a noticeable improvement over 60Hz but without creating much eye strain that comes with faster frame rates.
It has nothing to do with framerate, that's an in appropriate comparison. Especially because nothing is actually at those rates, it's all extrapolated with frame interpolation, which is pretty much just a junk gimmick and changes the nature of the presentation (called the "soap opera effect"). Any home theater enthusiast turns it all off.

Anyway, if you're finding that you think there's too much detail and straining to see it, your TV is too small for HD resolution, especially when a portion of the screen is unused since the Blu-ray's are pillarboxed to 4:3. A person with 20/20 vision can only resolve so much at a given screen size at a specific resolution at a given distance.

I have a 60" HDTV and I sit about 12' away (which is actually a little far to resolve full 1080p resolution, but enough to see high def details) and I find the detail exposed on the Blu-ray presentations of TOS and TNG quite amazing. It's clearly superior and hardly a strain to see it.
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