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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

I guess I "exaggerated" when I said I needed a break.
I have been spending the last days getting Deck 6 ready and discovered some more surprises. I might have Deck 6 ready by tomorrow evening for publication to share these with you.

@ Donny

I'm trying to create a reference in optimal accuracy for myself and those who care and feel they have waited long enough. If a talented 3D artist and accuracy aficionado like yourself can put these to good use, I'll be very happy (because one day I would like to have a walkthrough through an accurate interior of the Enterprise. I will try hard not to make it an inspection tour ).

Last year I rediscovered my first love (TOS), found my way to the BBS (thanks Mytran), noticed the threads of blssdwlf (he ignored the conjectural works of the 70's and instead listened to the actual dialogue which I found most inspiring) and also a number of issues at the Trek BBS which I found rather unnerving and compelled me to do a third and final approach to "illustrate" these issues, and especially that the producers were not wrong but rather our treknological research efforts and/or methods and/or bias because of ...

Technically I do not have the time (I simply took it) but as a close friend of mine noticed I'm currently in some kind of "TOS overdrive" obsession which I believe really helps this deck plan project.

@ blssdwlf

Since the ceiling is getting lower from the outer corridors / cabin doors on Deck 5 towards the cabin walls, I actually look forward to see a cutaway where the curved ceiling of the cabins finally does make some structural sense.

For the (flawed) corridor alignment template I just used the Season One studio set blueprint where some dotted lines suggested the occasional use of a turbo lift at the corridor end near the engine room set.

While there will be a turbo lift there for the upper level of the Season One engine room (set) on Deck 6 as suggested, IMHO, by "Court-Martial", there is none below on Deck 7 as seen (or more accurately not seen) in "The Naked Time".

I believe this is because of the main line running horizontally on Deck 7 (where a turbo shaft would be in the way) before it becomes a vertical line.

I assume all engine rooms seen in Season One (except for the noticably redressed one in "The Conscience of the King") to have either portrayed the port "Engineering Control Room" or the starboard "Impulse Engine Room" (e.g. "Tomorrow Is Yesterday, TAS). The Making of Star Trek suggested this, at least.

When they got more budget for the Second Season Matt Jefferies probably seized the opportunity to redesign the set with a different engine room now portraying the warp drive engine room in the engineering hull (as suggested by the alien entity's departure in "Day of the Dove").

At least that's how I would have done it. The saucer engine rooms had been portrayed in Season One ("Been there, done it"), next he had the opportunity to show us the other one and I believe this is what he last rememberd when asked by Doug Drexler about the engine rooms.

Wait a minute, I'm getting ahead of myself since I wanted to save this for my Deck 7 comment. Alright now, back to me finishing Deck 6, stay tuned.

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