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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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What is Xbox One doing with DRM that Steam (the only choice for playing most major games on PC nowadays thanks to Steamworks) isn't already doing as restrictive or more so?
Steam has an offline mode, the Xbox One effectively doesn't.
It's flaky at best on Steam, but I'll grant you that that they do have one.

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The Xbox One is also region-locked and apparently will not function outside of the 21 countries supported at launch.
Steam does function world-wide, but it's also region-locked. If you buy games from outside your region (say, from Russia) they'll more than happily ban your entire account.

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This is particularly absurd in Europe where only 12 EU states are supported, so if I were to purchase an XBO and bring it with me to Portugal for whatever reason, the games would no longer work.
My understanding was that games you already owned would continue to work but you might not be able to add more to your account until you returned home. Regardless, that is more than a trifle ridiculous.

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Either way, I would like the ability to share my Steam library somehow, so I hope Value get pressured into doing something like that.
I've been hoping they'd get around to that for the last 3-4 years. If they had, I'd probably switch back to PC for this next generation. Oh well. Maybe by the next generation in 2023 they'll add it.
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