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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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Yes there a few noteworthy omissions

* There are no Federation shuttles or shuttlepods, save for the Delta Flyer (if that fits your definition of a "shuttle"). No workbees or inspection pods either. However, the Vulcan shuttle and Reman Scorpion are on the list.
* Daedelus
* Soyuz
* USS Pasteur
* No kitbashes from Wolf 359 or the DS9 "frankenstein fleet". Not big losses there but a few like the Centaur, the Niagara and the New Orleans would be ok
* Neghvar
* D7 cruiser
* Cardassian freighter
* Merchantman
* Xindi arboreal / Tellarite ship
* Xindi primate or Degra's ship
* Xindi superweapon
* Whorfin / Lakul
* Kazon raider
* Renegade Borg/Lore vessel
* Xhosa freighter
* The Andorian Kumari
* The Aeon
* THe Dauntless
* any TOS remastered ships - the Antares, the Aurora, the Medusan ship
* any Abramsverse ships (except the Kelvin, which technically is from the Prime universe)
* A wide assortment of more interesting "alien of the week" vessels.
-They ARE doing the Dauntless

-Daedalus was never really seen except as a desk model or a picture in the Chronology and Encyclopedia. I don't see them doing anything with that.

-Soyuz wasn't a bad look, but I don't see them just sticking a tailhook on a Reliant mold to give us that.

-I'm surprised they're not doing the D7, but it's been done before and done really well, so I'm not bothered too much. Galoob did a nice Negh'Var and Pasteur as well, so I'm fine

-I agree about the Kumari, the Merchantman, and the Groumall, (also the Jenolen).

-I'm kind of ambivalent about any Kazon ships (especially since, again, Galoob already did them). The Xindi were more memorable, but I'm sort of ambivalent about doing any more of the ships than have already been done. I don't really want the superweapon. Looks too much like a Borg Sphere to bother.

-Lakul? Meh. Xhosa? Meh.

-Aeon, maybe, but there's one's I'd rather have.

-Apart from the Breen ship, asymmetrical ships tend to look rather unpleasant to the eye, so I have no real interest in the rogue Borg ship.

-I'm glad they're not filling up a lot of slots with shuttles that could be filled by a ship instead. In fact it always bugged me that Micro Machines did a Spacedock shuttle, but not the Merchantman. I see the runabout and Delta Flyer on the list. That's enough, if you ask me.

-Centaur's about the only kitbash I'd care to see. New Orleans was only barely glimpsed as wreckage, so I don't see them doing anything with it. The rest are a mess and I do NOT want.

-I might agree with the remastered ships.

-They're already doing the alt-Enterprise and the Kelvin. Wouldn't surprise me to see the Narada and the Vengeance down the road.

-Frankly, there weren't too many alien-of-the-week ships that left an impression on me (particularly on Voyager), and there are other recurring ships or ones from major races (see above) that I'd give priority to.
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