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Re: Is TAS worth watching in my complete Star Trek marathon?

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While the sex and violence was evidently toned down, it always struck me that for being a show made for a supposedly Saturday morning timeslot, TAS still had an astonishingly mature outlook about a lot of things.
Oh, indeed. "Yesteryear" dealt with death, identity, and the hard choices that are part of growing up. "One of Our Planets is Missing" gave us a glimpse of the painful decisions faced by a colony that was threatened with imminent destruction and was only able to save a few of its people. "The Survivor" involved a woman dealing with the death and possible return of her fiance. "The Infinite Vulcan," for all its silliness with giant Spock clones, involved a whole race on the verge of extinction. "The Magicks of Megas-tu" dealt with themes of xenophobic hatred and paranoia. "The Jihad" involved the threat of a holy war that would devastate the galaxy. "The Pirates of Orion" made no bones about the Orions' willingness to commit suicide before capture. "Albatross" involved the aftermath of a plague that killed hundreds of thousands of people.

TAS was toned down in that it was rarely able to show anyone actually dying in the course of a story, but a lot of its episodes referenced deaths that had happened before the story or that might happen in the very near future. So in that sense it was a lot less toned down than other cartoons (which could sometimes imply the threat of death but could rarely state it explicitly).

But aside from the episodes you mentioned, the sexuality was definitely toned down, mainly in that Kirk's womanizing was almost completely absent. The closest he came to a romance was a little unresolved flirtation with Lara in "The Jihad." Well, that and "The Lorelei Signal," but there wasn't really any specific connection between him and any of the women, just the men as a group reacting to the women as a group.
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