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Re: Was the reveal of the Enterprise-A a big surprise?

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When people include themselves in a sentence, you know that they're talking about how they personally feel about something--it's an opinion. But when someone makes a broad generalization that "this is that" and you don't agree, eh, then it becomes an issue for debate.
Yes, you are free to debate on the disagreement, but it is beyond stupid to point out "That's just your opinion" when that is obviously the case, even if the person didn't specifically say "In my opinion..."
Nonsense. If a person makes a broad generalization, it's a broad generalization and is subject to debate if another person thinks otherwise. If a poster can't be bothered to express themselves clearly, then it's the poster's problem.

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You're wrong on both counts. There's a difference between stating something as an opinion and stating something as a fact. You tend to do the latter with your posts.
I'm sorry but that's ridiculous: NOTHING can be objectively ugly or attractive.
That's my point. What one person considers ugly another considers attractive.
Just like nothing is objectively good or bad or moral or tasty. I have no idea how you could possibly interpret a statement of that nature as anything else than personal opinion.
That's because I'm not a mind reader. I don't know you. All I can go by is by your statements. You made a broad generalization about something and I disagreed with it. Simple as that.
But at least now I see what the source of our disagreement is.

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this ship is horrible
Your post is horrible.
"Don't sweat the small stuff--it makes you small-minded..."
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