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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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From last week's reported total of roughly 375 million. China has pushed it to 387. US showing through Friday have pushed it to 392, France has given it by Friday enough to hit 395. And its still doing solid in Korea. Its should get another million or so from GB, its playing new in two other countries were I have yet to hear an attendance or dollar amount. And of course still showing in over 20 countries. Trust me by the end of business Friday the film should have crossed 400 million.

With an increase of 40 million (depending on what budget source you read) from 2009, and with film financing based on double what a film generates. STID needs to generate 80 million to cover the increase of Production costs.

It probably won't due that. It's looking more and more likely for a 460 million final gross. Which is roughly a 75 million increase from 2009. Almost enough to cover that increase when you consider the money studios actual earn from release.
Well if you are going by the double production figure STID is said to have cost US$190m so double would be US$380m.

ST(2009) was reported to cost approx US$150m so that would be US$300m. Final return for ST (2009) was US$385m. So around an US$85m profit. So STID it might return a smaller profit, but it should still return a profit from box office alone.
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