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Re: Does Data have a soul?

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The Prophets are some of the weakest gods ever portrayed on TV. Q is more worthy of being called a god, since he is actually far more omnipotent than the pitiful wormhole aliens.
Q is kind of funny because when you think about it, "an omniscient omnipotent timeless entity who has an interest in testing mankind" is pretty much the textbook definition of a god.
Yup! lol

I think Q was basically the TNG equivalent of most of the near omnipotent TOS aliens acting as gods. Roddenberry seemed to have a hard-on for this trope and included it in practically everywhere he was involved.

I actually like Q as a character more than I do the TOS versions though. Q seems to be a god with which one can reason with to some extent, as opposed to the TOS gods who basically are set in their ways (Kirk either won by finding their weaknesses, or lost because they were too powerful).

Picard on the other hand, doesn't defeat Q, but simply convinces him that humanity is not as bad as Q thinks it is.
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