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Re: Does Data have a soul?

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The Prophets are some of the weakest gods ever portrayed on TV. Q is more worthy of being called a god, since he is actually far more omnipotent than the pitiful wormhole aliens.
Q is kind of funny because when you think about it, "an omniscient omnipotent timeless entity who has an interest in testing mankind" is pretty much the textbook definition of a god.
There's definitely a great overall arc to Q. Were it not for Picard getting Q in humanity's camp by, well, just being Jean-Luc...humanity would have been wiped out. I loved their 'old married couple' relationship at the end.

My fanwank as to the existence of the Q, a race of near-omnipotent beings that have only a vague understanding what it means to be 'human' was that they were a group of telepaths who intentionally crashed through the great galactic barrier.
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