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Re: Does Data have a soul?

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Really? Playing the race card on a fictional race? That's amusing in a small way.

But hey, Vulcan temples make great spy outposts since most people don't like blowing up churches.
Your pithy "mmmmmm....thut's amusing in a smull way" tells me you couldn't tell, even with the all-caps and multiple exclamation points, that I was joking in 'playing the race card'.
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"Speciest", racism would imply picking on a particular subset or race of a larger species, this is a remark about the entire species. But then, that would require reading comprehension from you so...
Wow, you guys really woke up looking for a fight this morning didn't you?

IT WAS A JOKE PEOPLE. About a fic-tion-al people FIC-TION.
Well seems I wasn't the only one who "didn't get" your joke... and honestly... as often as caps and exclamation points are used on the internet... short of reading minds, it's not exactly reasonable to expect others to tell when you're joking or not in regards to their use.

Oh and if your recent use of caps is another joke... it's not funny.
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