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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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Weekend estimate: $5.66 million for $210.491 million so far.
Solid numbers for STID given the competition. I think a $230-235 finish is in the cards now... plus another $40 million plus or so overseas and SITD should finish in the neighborhood of $475-490 million worldwide.

I'm actually surprised with MOS' numbers... as they kept getting revised downward all weekend. Given the sheer volume of advertising Warners pumped into this thing I doubt they were expecting a $113 million 3-day weekend, probably more like the $132-135 million 3-day ($146 million including Sunday) they were originally estimating. Also given how Friday-Sunday tracked it looks a little frontloaded.

It will be interesting to see how WOM effects this film as it's doing poorly among the 30+ crowd and great among the 18-24 set. There will be some delicious irony if MOS barely manages to rake in more than Superman Returns adjusted for inflation. Overseas box office is really going to be the key for this movie.

Great article here:

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